Nos activités

Our activities

We have carefully design responsible activities based on the respect, culture and nature that connect the desire for discovery, personal fulfillment and recognition and tradition and history.


All activities are managed carefully that are non-polluted, accessible to all levels and benefit the community


In order to support solidarity projects for the benefit of the local populations, we donate $ 2 for each trekking tour a Hoang Su Phi we organize.




Hoang Su Phi Trekking

You will like :

  • 1

    Hiking in the area from few hours to several days

  • 2

    Participating in agricultural activities according to the season

  • 3

    Discovering the rich and various local crafts

  • 4

    Enjoying a bath with herbs or specialties of Dzao ethnic group

  • 5

    Watching and joining cooking preparation

  • 6

    Dipping into the ethnic markets