Notre projet

Our projet

Aim to improve the local economy by developing responsible and sustainable tourism which meet the benefit of all people


To do this project, we have a very close relationship with Dzao ethnic group who lives in the villages on the side of the mountain. Also, we have set up an eco-tourism project including accommodation and activities managed by the Dzao community with the assistance of tourism experts


With the participation of the locals in different aspects of this project, respect for the individual, cultures and nature, and equitable distribution of the resources, we would like to make an equitable foundation for tourism.



Rizières en terrasse à Hoang Su Phi

Our eco-responsible approach:

  • 1

    Accommodation is made from natural materials with the minimum in use of electricity

  • 2

    Use natural systems for wastewater treatment

  • 3

    Use natural products

  • 4

    Use self-sufficiency in organic food

  • 5

    Engage in non-polluted activities