Nos bungalows

Our bungalows

12 bungalows built with thatch using coconut leaf located on the side of a hill offer a wonderful view of terraced rice fields that make this land impressive


The harmonious integration of these cozy bungalows and nature make simplicity and cheeriness. Using rough materials and warmly ethnic decoration offers an amazing experience of simple but warm life on the mountainside.


All bungalows are fully-furnished including, bathroom, kind-size bed with top-quality mattress, fan which are environmentally friendly. Large windows offer fabulous views of the terrace rice fields

Bungalow valley View

You will like :

  • 1

    The symbiosis with the surrounding nature

  • 2

    Beautiful local handicraft products

  • 3

    Comfort without ostentation

  • 4

    Calm and enchantment

  • 5

    Fabulous view of terraced rice fields